28April 2020
Olga the cloud is flying over Tenerife!

We're happy to announce the beginning of the development for a new 52 x seven-minute series based on the popular book franchise Olga the Cloud by Italian writer and illustrator Nicoletta Costa. In this series, one of the book franchise’s secondary characters, Nina, will play a lead role as Olga's best friend. The episodes will showcase the pair’s everyday challenges as Olga helps Nina understand and face her feelings.

2March 2020
Grisu - The new adventures

Grisu, one of the most loved characters of the 70's and 80's is ready for a comeback in a new original series. And he will keep doing his best to finally become a real firefighter! Currently in development, 52 brand new episodes in full 3D CGI will be ready for 2021.

20December 2019
¡Happy Holidays!

The entire team at Mondo TV, wishes you all the best for the holiday season and for the new year! A special thank to our own Renzo Ferrer, for the marvellous postcard that he has created.

04October 2019
Visit us at MIPCOM 2019

If you're visiting this year's MIPCOM in Cannes, write us and book a meeting! We’ll be pleased to sit with you and show what our company can offer in terms of preproduction services and co-production possibilities. Get in contact by sending an email to: or come visit us at Mondo TV's booth P-1.N1 P-1.M2.

12June 2019
Invention Story wins its first award

Invention Story, the series we've been developing in partnership with the chinese company Henan York Animation, has won its first prize receving the Animation Golden Award at the 2019 America-China Gold Pearl Awards in Miami. We've received the news with great joy and are really happy to be part of the success of this fun and colorful project.

31May 2019
Annecy's calling!

Are you ready for the most important festival of the year? We definitely are! And we'll be more than happy to meet you there. Come visit us at the "Animation from Spain" booth at MIFA.

15April 2019
Let's groove! Here comes Disco Dragon!

We are thrilled to be part of the team that will work on the visual development of the new french series "Disco Dragon" created by Julie Sellier and produced by Mondo TV France. During 52 episodes you'll get to know Disco, a dragon who lives in Grooville and who is crazy about music. At his side there will be Betty, a daredevil, music-crazy girl who will teach Disco to better understand human emotions and help kids to recover their inner groove. A perfect mix of comedy, music and whimsical disorder will surely captivate kids of all ages.

02April 2019
Interview on Prensario Internacional

We're proud to announce that Maria Bonaria Fois (GM of Mondo TV Producciones Canarias) has been interviewed by Prensario Internacional for a special edition of the magazine that will be distributed during the next weeks at MIP TV, Quirino Awards and Cartoons on the bay. You can read or download the entire magazine from THIS LINK.

25March 2019
Come celebrate with us at the Premios Quirino 2019!

The second edition of the Premios Quirino is ready to start and we are ready too! After the great sucess of the first award, we're ready for another 3 days of events, meetings and awards celebrating the Ibero-American animated world. Save the date! Representatives from more than 23 countries will wait for you on the 5th and 6th of April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Are you interested in knowing more about us? Get in contact and we'll be happy to schedule a meeting with you!

21December 2018
Happy Holidays!

Wishing you, once more, all the best for these festive days and for the new year! Happy holidays to everybody!

12November 2018
WE ARE ANIMATION - Promotional video

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias is part of the new Canary Islands Film's promotional video showcasing all the different animation companies who have opened new studios on the island. You can take a look at it right HERE

13September 2018
Meteo Heroes are go!

Mondo TV Group signed a deal with MOPI (Meteo Operations Italia), aka Centro Epson Meteo, for the co-production of a new animated Tv series of 52 episodes, each 7 minutes long. The 2D series will be based on the MeteoHeroes project, a MOPI original property, and will focus on climate change related topics, ecology and respect for nature.
The core target of the series will be children of primary school age that are going to experience and follow the amazing adventures of the main characters of the series: Fulmen, Nix, Nubes, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum, six children who, under the guide of Tempus, discover they have superpowers and are able to evoke weather phenomena to save the Planet.
The message that lies underneath is that the solution of climate and environmental issues is potentially in the hands of today’s children, future men and women who will have to face the problems of an overpopulated, stressed planet.

11June 2018
Getting ready for Annecy 2018

June is here and the Annecy animation festival is ready to begin. Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will be there and you could meet us hangin' around the MIFA Tenerife Film Commission booth. See you there!

05Jun 2018
Premios Quirino - Video recap

Our friends at Premios Quirino have published a nice video recap of what happened during the 3 days of conferences, meetings and workshops that lead to the final gala ceremony last April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You can take a look at it right HERE

21Apr 2018
Talking about our success story

On saturday April 21st we had the opportunity to talk about our almost two years of success in Tenerife at a special Masterclass titled "Canary Islands, the best tax incentives in Europe for audiovisual productions" and organized by Proexca and ZEC for the students of the European University of La Orotava. Many thanks to Pilar Moreno Martínez and Sabita Jagtani Jagtani for the kind invitation.

02Mar 2018
Meet us at Premios Quirino 2018!

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will attend the "Premios Quirino 2018", the first award created to celebrate the lively world of animated productions coming from the Ibero-American region, which will take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the 6th and 7th of March 2018.
23 countries submitted their best projects to a jury that during the award ceremony will announce the winners for the 9 different categories including "Best Feature Film", "Best Series" and "Best Innovate work". Then, aside from the awards, a B2B co-production forum will offer the opportunity to studios, distributors and broadcasters from this area of the world to meet, show their reels and discuss future projects.
Are you interested in knowing more about us? Get in contact and we'll be happy to schedule a meeting with you!

21Feb 2018
Bat Pat, welcome to Canarias!

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will partner with Atlantyca, the italian producer known for its popular Geronimo Stilton series, for the production of the second season of the animated series Bat Pat. Our design studio in Tenerife will be in charge for the pre-production process of the 52 episodes while our distribution office will lead licensing and sales in the Iberian peninsula and Latin America.

24Dec 2017
Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" with a special "Sissi The Young Empress" postcard created by our talented Giuseppe Di Maio.

20Oct 2017
Looking for talents at U-tad's 1st Company Day

U-tad, the spanish leading university for animation, new techonolgies and digital art, has celebrated its first Company Day in its campus located just outside Madrid. More than 400 students had the opportunity to show their work in a networking event with dozens of international companies interested in the higly-skilled profiles that the school offers. We're proud to say that Mondo TV's booth has been one of the most crowded during the recruimtment session! This great interest in our company allowed us to meet incredibly talented people and browse through a lot of different portfolios while searching for new illustrators to join our growing studio in Tenerife.

03Oct 2017
3D Wire, here we come!

For the second year in a row we will attend the 3D Wire Festival in Segovia, the most important professional animation, video games and new media market in Spain. We will be looking for talents (bring your portoflios with you!) and we will also take part at the Day dedicated to investing in animation at the Palacio Quintanar on thursday 5th.

28Sep 2017
Celebrating our first anniversary

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias celebrates its first anniversary. After 12 months of intense production, Mondo TV Group's studio in Tenerife keeps growing and expanding its projects' portfolio.

Inaugurated in September 2016, by the end of this year it will count on 12 illustrators working full-time on the development of 5 animated series. Among these: the co-productions "Invention Story" (with Henan York Animation), "Sissi 3D" (with Il sole di Carta) and some new properties that will be unveiled soon. In 2018 it will also provide pre-production services to external companies interested in taking advantage of the best european fiscal incentives and the fertile ground for creativity offered in the Canary Islands.

There is no doubt that the future looks brighter than ever, with some really interesting plans to keep the growth strong and placing Mondo TV Producciones Canarias among the most interesting players in european animation.

!Feliz cumpleaños Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, Happy Birthday Mondo TV Producciones Canarias!

30Aug 2017
See you in Toulouse

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will participate at this year's Cartoon Forum in Toulouse. We'll be looking for new projects and surprising innovative contents. See you there!

15Jun 2017
Animation studios from Tenerife meet in Annecy

The Canary Islands were on full display during the MIFA market at Annecy Fetival 2017. Mondo TV Producciones Canarias was part of a territory focus on the Canary Islands that brought together more than a half-dozen other animation studios operating from this Spanish region. You can read more about it on the special report by Cartoon Brew.

29May 2017
See you in Annecy!

This year Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will attend the International animation film festival in Annecy as part of the Canary Islands Film Commission (booth 4.B15). On June 15th, Studio Manager Enrico Martinis will be a speaker at the Focus on the Canary Islands that will take place at L'Impérial Palace - Tente impériale at 9.30 a.m.

19Apr 2017
Where? Tenerife

Leading animation website Cartoon Brew talks about Mondo TV Producciones Canarias in its latest newspiece about Tenerife's generous tax incentives, tailored training packages, and strong institutional support for the animation business.

24Jan 2017
Mondo TV Iberoamerica enters the Madrid Stock Exchange

Our parent company Mondo TV Iberoamerica has entered the MAB-EE market in the Madrid Stock Exchange. General Manager Maria Bonaria Fois and Matteo Corradi, CEO of Mondo TV Group, attended the event by ringing the traditional opening bell.

"Entering the MAB Market offers us an opportunity to keep investing in new projects while keeping a transparent and reliable image that will give much confidence to partners interested in coproducing with us" said Maria Bonaria Fois, while underlining the company's future goals: "keep producing, enrich our series catalogue and expand our business".

21Dec 2016
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mondo TV Producciones Canarias

We wish to all our clients, partners and friends a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" with this special postcard created by our talented Carlos Ruiznavarro.

25Oct 2016
Mondo TV Producciones Canarias @ the fi2 Innovation forum

Enrico Martinis, Studio manager of Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, will be part of the panel of Tenerife's fi2 - Forum on Animation in the Canary Islands, organized by SAVE, Asociación Canaria de Empresas y Profesionales de la Animación, el Videojuego y los Efectos Visuales.

The event will also include a master class with renown animator José "Pepe" Mansuy, a talk with Alberto Rodríguez, director of the upcoming film "Ozzy" and a showcase of short films produced by artists from the archipelago. More details: here

05Oct 2016
Mondo TV Producciones Canarias looking for talents @ the 3D Wire festival

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias will take part at this year's 3D Wire festival in Segovia by having a booth during the Recruitment day on Sunday, 09 October. We will focus on meeting new talents interested in working with us in our studio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Current profiles we're looking for include: 2D illustrators, 3D modeling artist and Storyboard artists. More details: here

21Sep 2016
¡Bienvenida! Mondo TV Producciones Canarias

On thursday, September 21st, a press conference has been held in the Tenerife's Cabildo building in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to give a welcome to Mondo TV's new studio: Mondo TV Producciones Canarias.

From this new location, in Spain's Canary islands, Mondo TV will focus on the pre-production process for the majority of its current and future projects, which include more than 27 animated series. But expansion plans for the studio will also include a 3D department in 2017 and a new office in charge of developing and producing live-action teen series.

Mondo TV is extremely pleased and proud to have obtained great support from Mr. Carlos Alonso, president of the Cabildo de Tenerife; Mr. Alberto Bernabé, counselor of the Tenerife Tourism Board; Mr. Marcos Martín, president of SAVE, and Mrs. Beatriz Barrera, president of the ZEC economic zone.

Matteo Corradi, managing director of Mondo TV S.p.A., stated: "Through Mondo TV Canarias, thanks to the professionalism of the employed resources and the financial benefits under the Canarias laws, we can give a new internal creativity to our projects with significant advantages both under a qualitative and financial perspective. Canarias represent the natural window toward Latin America and the new company can bring added value to our distribution capabilities in Latin American and Spanish speaking countries".

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